October 2010
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uControl Launches OpenSMA, an Industry Program of Companies Committed to Home Security, Monitoring and Automation (SMA)

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OpenSMA Partners Work Together via Open Standards to Make the Connected Home a Reality
Austin, TX, October 26, 2010 - uControl, a leader in the SMA space,    announces today the creation of OpenSMA: an industry program committed to the growth and development of the SMA market.  OpenSMA is focused on open, technology-agnostic standards and a collaboration of the widest variety of players who power the Connected Home.  The OpenSMA program will foster complete compatibility and integration across all members’ products and services.
With the launch of OpenSMA, uControl also announces its first named partners: CentraLite, Comporium, Ember, Massillion, NewWave Communications, SMC Networks and The Weather Channel.  The newly launched OpenSMA website (www.OpenSMA.com) will be the hub for announcements—such as new members, as well as event details, white papers and member news.  OpenSMA membership information can also be found at OpenSMA.com.
To truly power all aspects of the Connected Home, the OpenSMA program is broadly divided into five vertical segments with some members falling into multiple categories. They are:
Service Providers - Broadband or Internet Service Providers who are delivering SMA solutions to their customer base.  The players in this segment are the main distribution channel by which SMA solutions get deployed into the home. Comporium, Massillion and NewWave Communication are among the first cable companies to join OpenSMA.
Platform Hardware – uControl’s SMA platform runs in many locations within the home.  For example, OpenSMA member SMC Networks’ all-in-one Ruby SMA TouchScreen houses uControl’s software stack in addition to performing all the functions of a stand alone ZigBee-based alarm system.  Platform Hardware members range from home gateway, router and modem vendors to set-top box and multimedia tablet manufacturers.
Lifestyle Devices – Wireless security sensors, thermostats, lighting controls, video cameras, door locks and much more are categorized within the Lifestyle Device segment.  Members of this group leverage open standards such as ZigBee and Wi-Fi to integrate their products into the OpenSMA ecosystem.  Today, uControl announces CentraLite as a new Lifestyle Device member of OpenSMA. 

contemporary Apps – OpenSMA members who focus on application development fall within the Apps segment.  uControl’s SMA platform supports applications developed in Flash. This allows the creation of a wide range of functionality such as digital photo viewing, news streams, sports updates, weather alerts, energy management, smart grid integration and home health monitoring.  The Apps category was created to become a catalyst for OpenSMA members to collaborate and create synergistic solutions leveraging products and services from all segments within the program.  Tying Lifestyle Devices and Platform Hardware to Apps - and vice-versa - will provide greater value and innovation to all members of OpenSMA. The Weather Channel announces its membership as an OpenSMA Application partner today. 
Infrastructure – The Infrastructure segment is comprised of important industry players who are the glue to make everything else work.  These companies provide the base of the uControl platform that keeps all members’ products and services seamlessly working together.  OpenSMA welcomes Ember with its industry leading ZigBee chipset and protocol software to the program.
“We are so proud to publicly launch the OpenSMA program today.  Since its inception, the uControl open approach to the Connected Home has been very simple - and deliberate:  deliver the most open, technology-agnostic platform possible, accessible to any device manufacturer, content provider or partner to accelerate the adoption of SMA everywhere,” said uControl CEO, Jim Johnson.  “We are aligning with partners who believe the same.  Today, with OpenSMA, our open, integrated, all-inclusive approach is formalized.  Companies who join OpenSMA will work even more closely together to bring solutions to market and ultimately benefit end-consumers hungry for Connected Home capabilities.”
About uControl:
Austin-based uControl delivers an open, technology-agnostic Home Security, Monitoring and Automation (SMA) software platform making the Connected Home a reality.  uControl focuses on the full spectrum of SMA solutions, leading with next generation home security.  Through its industry-leading OpenSMA program, uControl brings together all the players who power the Connected Home, integrating and enabling a diverse ecosystem, from Service Providers such as cable and telephone companies to Platform Hardware and Lifestyle Device manufacturers who supply items such as thermostats, lighting controls, touch screen tablets and security sensors.  Application developers also play a crucial role within OpenSMA, bringing to market an endless list of Connected Home applications.  Leveraging the uControl SMA platform, OpenSMA partners enable home security, energy management, home health monitoring, entertainment, communication, and an ever-expanding list of Connected Home possibilities.  For details on uControl partners and customers or more information on OpenSMA, visit www.opensma.com or follow @opensma on Twitter.  For more information about uControl, visit www.ucontrol.com.


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