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ETHERNET Powerlink - Ideal for packaging

Compatibility and high performance at all levels

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The “Open Modular Architecture Controls” (OMAC) User Group will be presenting a multi-vendor system consisting of ETHERNET Powerlink devices at the upcoming PackExpo in Chicago, USA from 29 October to 01 November, 2006. Here Powerlink will clearly demonstrate its performance and compatibility to the fullest.

The packaging industry demands high levels of flexibility and throughput with low costs. In order to meet these demands, a system must demonstrate high dynamics and a perfect interaction of the individual components.

ETHERNET Powerlink offers all of this. Modern installations reach a network cycle of less than 200 μs with a jitter below 1μs.

Excellent performance data for every imaginable automation demand.

Integrated safety engineering means there is no need for double cabling. This significantly reduces wiring costs. There is synchronization of individual components. Serial communication between several controllers is possible. Individual components can be added or removed from the entire configuration via Hot-Plug. Moreover, ETHERNET Powerlink is software only and can therefore be implemented in every standard Ethernet hardware.

contemporary “Only a product that continually proves its performance and openness will survive on the market”, declares Dr. Edwin Kiel, chairman of the EPSG. “The trend is moving away from proprietary systems. Today, devices from various manufacturers need to interact with each other problem-free and perform to the full. ETHERNET Powerlink meets these demands completely.”

All types of actuators, sensors and I/O modules are integrated into a Powerlink network in the OMAC system and communicate with each other. The functionality of ETHERNET Powerlink enables full compatibility and high performance. ETHERNET Powerlink is therefore well equipped for use in the packaging industry.

ETHERNET Powerlink (EPL) is the only market established real-time Ethernet protocol with micro-second accuracy. It is based exclusively on international standards and there are over 150,000 EPL nodes in use in traditional production machinery around the world. More than 300 facilitators, suppliers and users have implemented ETHERNET Powerlink and over 150 mechanical engineers have completed ETHERNET Powerlink projects.

ETHERNET Powerlink is developed and published by the EPSG (ETHERNET Powerlink Standardization Group), an open organization of users of the automation technology, manufacturers and research institutes. Powerlink offers an open standard for distributed automation solutions based on the Ethernet and CANopen profiles with accurate real-time response in the micro-second range, high availability and safety mechanisms. EPSG members include, amongst others, ABB Robotics, Alstom, Altera, Baldor, B&R, Eckelmann, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, Hirschmann, infoteam Software, innotec, IXXAT, KUKA, KW Software, Lenze, Pepperl + Fuchs, port and Tetra Pak.

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