September 2006
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ASI Controls Releases ASI ZoneDial

After-hours Override Software with Tenant Billing & Invoicing

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San Ramon, CA, September 14th, 2006 – ASI Controls, an Energy Star partner company, announces the release of ASI ZoneDial, a new software application for making after-hours override requests via telephone, complete with tenant billing and invoicing and call audit trail.

ASI ZoneDial gives building owners and managers a convenient integrated package for delivering and tracking after-hours HVAC and lighting services, offering the potential for significant energy savings. ZoneDial’s billing module prints invoices suitable for mailing to tenants, with a detailed audit trail for every phone call received by the system. CSV data import capability simplifies the task of loading Tenant, User and Zone data into ZoneDial.

ASI ZoneDial ensures that lighting and HVAC services can be available to building users on-demand, 24-7, without having to incur direct after-hours staffing costs to execute overrides, or face high energy bills as a result of delivering HVAC systems and lighting for excess hours. Given current energy prices the payoff to building owners and managers from installing ASI ZoneDial can be dramatic, through direct tenant billing and/or avoided energy consumption. Features such as remote hangup detection to prevent modem lockup, automated launch, and password-protected shutdown help ensure uninterrupted availability. Communicates with a building control system using OPC.

“I really like the convenience of turning on my office lights and air conditioning from my cell phone,” explained Francis Chapman, ASI Controls Marketing Director. “Some of us like to get in early, or work late, and we were running the whole building 11 hours a day to fit everyone’s schedules. After shortening our building occupancy schedule and giving ZoneDial access codes to users who need after-hours HVAC and lighting we are saving about 5% on electricity bills, on top of existing energy management and control system savings.”

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ASI Controls provides state of the art digital controls to manage, monitor, and control building environments. ASI Controls products operate and monitor facilities around the world, including nationwide property networks, commercial and industrial buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, and educational campuses, and as original equipment in Chillers and other HVAC equipment.


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