September 2006
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Middle East chipset maker selects U.C.ME-OPC™ for their alarm notification solution

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Control Solutions, Inc

Tel-Aviv, Israel - September 15, 2006 – Control-See Software Solutions Ltd. today announced that one of the world's largest chipset producing companies based in the USA has selected Control-See's alarm notification solution – U.C.ME-OPC™ for one of their plants in the middle east.

In this project, U.C.ME-OPC™, operating as a Windows service, is communicating with GE's Cimplicity™ SCADA/HMI software via OPC. Once an alarm is triggered, U.C.ME™ utilizes a cellular GSM modem to send SMS (Text message) to the cell phones of the appropriate personnel. Once alarm is received, it is acknowledged by sending a text message back to the U.C.ME™ system.

Control-See was pre-qualified for the project due to the following key differentiators in its alarm notification system:
1. No need for 24x7 systems monitoring by technician.
2. The ability to connect to the SCADA/HMI application while operating as a Windows service. Operating as a Windows service offers the following benefits:
a. The alarm notification service automatically starts after a computer reboot and before the user logs in
b. The service will continue to work after the user logs-out
c. If the service fails, recovery actions may be used, such as restarting the service automatically or restarting the computer
3. The ability to define alarms based on string values rather than numerical values. This saves the need to update the alarm definition in U.C.ME™ when it changes in the Cimplicity™ application. This helps to reduce maintenance efforts, eliminate human errors and save costs.
Control Solutions, Inc 4. The strong integration between U.C.ME-OPC™ and the SCADA/HMI application.
5. Bidirectional SMS (Text messaging) using GSM technology.
6. Easy alarm import from the SCADA/HMI application to U.C.ME™.
7. Sending SMS without the need for Internet connection eliminates risks such as intrusions and viruses.

The solution was completed within one week and may be expanded to accommodate additional plant areas and additional plants in other parts of the world.

About U.C.ME-OPC™
U.C.ME™ is not just alarm notification for control systems, at the moment of alarm, it also takes a “snapshot” of all relevant parameters (tags) and sends them straight to the cell-phone, offering a complete picture of the system so customers may know where the problem lies. Then they can take the right decisions based on real-time information.

About Control-See
Control-See is a leading provider of alarm notification and analysis software that enable customers that are using SCADA/HMI applications and/or OPC or DDE servers to easily send alarm messages using different technologies: SMS, Voice over phone, Fax, Email, WAP, RSS, Multimedia and more.
Established in 1994, Control-See has distributors in the USA, Europe, Africa and Australia.

For more information about Control-See, please visit Control-See's Web site: .


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