September 2009
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EnOcean Emerges as Lighting Control Wireless Standard

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80% of the Wireless Lighting Solutions at Lightfair 2009 EnOcean-based

[September 3, 2009 – Boston, MA] Just over one year ago, a prominent group of building controls manufacturers formed the EnOcean Alliance to promote interoperable wireless sensor networks based on the EnOcean wireless standard. Today 113 companies, including Leviton, Masco, Distech Controls, Philips Ledalite and Osram Sylvania; have engineered products that simplify BAS (Building Automation System) installations using wireless and energy harvesting sensors, switches and controls. Its widespread adoption within the building lighting controls segment was manifested this year at the industry's most prominent show, Lightfair. 80% of the companies demonstrating wireless lighting controls at Lightfair were based on the EnOcean Standard.

“EnOcean's showing at Lightfair 2009 clearly illustrates the separation between the EnOcean wireless standard and standards that are dependent upon batteries or line-power," said Jim O’Callaghan, President of EnOcean operations in North America. "Lighting professionals welcome the simplicity and flexibility that comes standard with EnOcean-based controls. The combination of energy harvesting and radio technologies is creating an equally compelling story in the HVAC market."

CatNet Systems Today, more than 100,000 buildings worldwide are automated using EnOcean-based controls - more than any other wireless standard. EnOcean’s emergence as the wireless lighting leader is attributed to the unique behaviors of the controls - they operate without wires and without batteries. This frees integrators from the confines and invasiveness that has stalled widespread BAS integration. In addition to overcoming installation barriers, notorious maintenance issues are averted. Batteries are cheap but replacing them is not. The controls regenerate power for radio communications using ambient sources of energy such as light, temperature and motion.

The EnOcean standard is anchored upon interoperability. This is in contrast to some alternative standards that allow proprietary solutions to be marketed as 'compliant', which leads to so nasty surprises when devices are discovered not to work together. EnOcean-based controls are interoperable, regardless of the manufacturer. Another important hallmark is the ability to self-power sensors and switches, based upon patented technology from EnOcean. No other standard has the energy-efficiency required by energy harvesting. All other standards require a battery or line power. Analysts anticipate that more than a billion wireless sensor nodes will penetrate the market within the next decade.

About EnOcean

No Batteries. No Wires. EnOcean (, the inventor of energy harvesting wireless sensor networks, manufactures self-powered radio modules and energy harvesters that enable OEMs to develop wireless sensors & switches for new and retrofit BAS (Building Automation Systems). The batteryless radio modules convert ambient solar, thermal and motion energy into useable electrical energy that powers building network communications. These ‘peel-n-stick’ devices reduce the time, cost and occupant disruption of energy conservation retrofits; and provide unparalleled flexibility in new construction. The company is a spin-off of Siemens AG and U.S. operations are based in Boston, MA.


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