September 2009
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Minicom Launches Power on Cable™ - a Unique Single Port Power Control Solution

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IT Administrators can use Power on Cable to power on/off and reboot a remote device seamlessly during a secure KVM session

Minicom Advanced Systems - a leading developer of IT & KVM remote access and management solutions for the server room and datacenter - today announced the launch of a new, Minicom patented single port power control solution. Power on Cable (PoC) is targeted at IT environments that require a complete remote support package of both BIOS level KVM IP access and remote power control. This can include server rooms in which mission critical equipment is handpicked, or ATM machines or unmanned communication centers distributed in far away locations.

PlantPROCORE The PoC is controlled serially via a Minicom KVM IP gateway thus preventing costly mistakes by ensuring the power commands are sent only to the required device. Its unique and robust “power cord” design meets the stringent requirements of cable management in IT environments and makes it extremely easy to slide several units together and control several devices through a single management interface. The PoC has worldwide compatibility featuring 90-260 VAC 44-66 Hz up to 10Amps, making it also ideal for mixed power environments.

“Power on Cable increases IT efficiency in heterogonous environments, where for the most part power monitoring is sufficient, but there are a handful of mission critical servers that require remote power rebooting and switching” says Benny Hayumi, product manager for Minicom. “the PoC fits nicely into the power strategy of the organization by being a complementary solution to the PDU and by adding flexibility when IT budgets are so tight. The open protocol we are providing enables easy integration with existing management and control systems”.

Power on Cable continues Minicom's unique Real Needs ™ approach of controlling costs by adding remote power switching capability as and when it is needed.

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