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Complexity Made Simple: XProtect Corporate 3.0

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Smart Wall and Mapping Give Dynamic, Interactive Control

COPENHAGEN – 16 September 2009. Milestone Systems, the open platform company for IP video management software, has released XProtect™ Corporate version 3.0 with dynamic new map and Smart Wall surveillance functionality.

XProtect Corporate is an IP video management solution (IPVMS) for simplifying the control of complex large and multi-site installations. The newest release 3.0 includes comprehensive map functionality for importing bitmaps of geographical areas, buildings, or rooms with system component placements depicting the actual installations. This mapping provides security managers with interactive access and command of complete surveillance systems, combined with at-a-glance, real-time overviews of system integrity.

XProtect Corporate maps are easily customizable through intuitive drag-and-drop, clickable definitions of map hierarchies, cameras and I/O devices, hot-zones, sub-maps and camera view-zones. ‘Zoomable’ maps give fast access to video from alerted locations. Any number of layered maps may be used at many levels: city, street, building, room, area, etc.

In addition to the graphical map capabilities, XProtect Corporate 3.0 offers new video wall functionality using the new Milestone Smart Wall for superior flexibility and control of video displays in operation centers. Surveillance operators can manage multiple events with better situational awareness of complex scenarios and multiple simultaneous incidents.

The Smart Wall draws on the unique XProtect Corporate rule engine for dynamic view control based on motion detection, I/Os, integrated third party apps, time or analytic events. Another advantage is the Milestone open platform, which means that the Smart Wall is a command center solution that is independent of any specific hardware.

Thanks to seamless integration with the Milestone Smart Client and the new mapping, video views and cameras can be easily dragged and dropped into the Smart Wall. The intuitive layout builder for pre-set definitions and the graphical interactive control expedite large-scale surveillance – also for multiple Smart Walls running at the same time.

Reliable Controls Speedy response and easy operations are further enhanced with these new monitoring features in XProtect Corporate:

“Seamless drill-down enables instant location of troubled system components for faster response and reduced security system downtime. Clear system warnings enable system administrators to be proactive and maximize system availability,” says Christian Bohn, Head of Product Management at Milestone Systems. “XProtect Corporate gives direct access to performance data for all system components including cameras and servers.”

Internal security and procedures are also improved with the XProtect Corporate extensive audit logging, through full tracking of all user and management activities. This deters internal tampering and provides full audit history of any system configuration changes by individual operator. XProtect Corporate also enables easy guidance and follow-up for new operators.

“The continuing development of XProtect Corporate has included testing and verification for managing thousands of cameras,” adds Eric Fullerton, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Milestone. “This illustrates the powerful performance and operational capabilities that are available for large-scale security implementations.”

XProtect Corporate will be demonstrated at the following upcoming security trade shows: ASIS in California, Sikring & Sikkerhed in Denmark, SecTech in Sweden, ISC East in New York, IFSEC India and All Over IP in Russia.

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