September 2009
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RLE Technologies Releases Dashboard Builder

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Environet’s Dashboard Builder allows users to select how varying pieces of data are displayed on their own customized view of Environet. Dashboard Builder offers a library of widgets and displays for users to choose from including historical trends, energy use, operational efficiencies, and critical metrics. By putting the control in the hands of the user, Dashboard Builder gives users the ability to view their most pertinent data, quickly assess situations, identify problems, and take action.

Dashboard Builder allows users to create user-defined custom views of monitoring systems based on individual roles. Select the views relevant to your role to help increase efficiency. In other words, users choose what they want to see. There’s no more wasted time flipping between views—only view data important to your role and responsibilities.

Reliable Controls “It's no secret these days that we all want — and need —to get the most for our money. The added feature of Dashboard Builder in Environet V3, allows customers to increase efficiency, productivity, and see a faster return on their investment. With Dashboard Builder users can proactively manage resources and growth, mitigate costly downtime, and simplify access to all monitored components, whether they are legacy or state-of-the-art.” – Mike Orlich, CEO.

About RLE Technologies

RLE Technologies is a leading provider of water leak detection and web-based monitoring systems that enable businesses to protect mission-critical infrastructure and lower operating costs. The company’s wide range of monitoring solutions includes their patented Falcon™ Environmental Monitoring Systems, SeaHawk™ Water Leak Detection products and Raptor Integration Solutions (RIS) custom software. Extensive knowledge of communication protocols and emerging technologies has established RLE worldwide as an innovative solutions provider with industry-leading organizations. For further information, visit







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