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Answering the “Why” in a Value-Driven Age

Trust and delivering value is the most important aspect of any customer engagement and relationship.


Marc Petock

Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

Lynxspring, Inc.

Trust and delivering value is the most important aspect of any customer engagement and relationship.

Organizations—no matter the business or industry—can no longer afford a reactive approach to value. The value must be the focus and organizations must concentrate on their value and the propositions that support them continuously.

While knowing what value an industry or company brings, what value they deliver, and how they deliver it are all equally important, however, the most critical part of the value is the “why”.

When it comes to value, it must be relevant to customers. Customers must recognize the value of solving the problem and acknowledge the cost of inaction as well as the urgent need for change. Otherwise, the most likely outcome is that they will simply decide to stick with the status quo and do nothing. Make no mistake, building a link between the customer and the “why” requires patience and discipline. When establishing a link to the “why” is done well, it provides a clear view of what matters to customers, where to focus, and how to keep the customer experience high on the list of strategic priorities.

Today’s values for smarter buildings are very different from that of a decade ago, thanks to the pace of technological innovation, the changing needs of building owners and operators, and how they must now manage and operate their facilities.  I believe our value as an industry must be based on trust and outcomes and not output. Outcomes that center around the operational side, the business side, and the workplace are most needful.

We must be vigilant in our efforts collectively and make actionable plans to adjust while being authentic in fostering a trust-based, and innovative value culture. The resilience necessary to successfully navigate continued change in our industry has never been at a better time. When the “why” has been identified, presented, and communicated, everyone, wins:  the customer, the provider, and the industry.

Marc Petock
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Lynxspring, Inc.