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July 2022 – “ESG R Us”


“ESG” related policies (Environmental Social and Governance) are growing across all segments of our industry.

My head is exploding with the many changes in our industry and the adoption of ESG-related policies is one of them.

I am very pleased with our industry’s response to our July theme “ESG R Us” with these great articles,

Decarbonization at Scale  Brad White President at SES Consulting

Time and time again, as we do detailed studies and engineering work to implement big decarbonization projects I’m reminded that retrofits can be really hard and full of surprises. But it starts with a plan.

Enabling Facility Owners to Easily Address the “E” in ESG  John Petze is a partner and Co-Founder at SkyFoundry

If you have meter data, you now have GhG data

DATA ANALYTIC SOFTWARE: The ideal tool for ESG analysis  Cory Pedue CEO Datakwip

Effectively leveraging data from BAS systems and using it to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions can have an immediate impact on the environmental part of a company’s ESG rating.

Urgent IMPACT needed  Nicolas Waern – Digital Twin Specialist

What do we need to do to steer this planet in the right direction? What are the challenges and why are existing efforts not providing tangible results? And most of all, what can be done to change this?

I Love this comment,

A lot of existing Net-zero ambitions, discussions and energy-related strategies are like that of a ship, with holes in the bottom. Where everyone is focused on steering the ship in the right direction.”

Our June online Zoom meetings at Monday Live! are a catalyst to identify, discuss and clarify relative topics that help drive buildings to be smarter. We have been focused on ESG and how they impact the industry for the month of June this provides a bit of a summary of some of those thoughts

The above clearly calls to action “The Need to do Better”

These Links to these big picture articles help define our July theme.

One of the market forces shaping the future of commercial real estate (CRE) investing and the built environment is the demand for a holistic approach to sustainable investing that applies an ESG+R (Environment, Social, Governance, and Resilience) framework to achieve strong risk-adjusted returns alongside positive societal impact. In this article, we will discuss the current state and trajectory of ESG+R frameworks in CRE and the incentives and regulations involved.

The ranting critics of sustainability may have a point
Remember when the profession of sustainability was largely a backwater activity inside companies, seemingly unrelated to the business of productivity and profits? Remember when sustainability flew under the radar — when hardly anyone understood or even cared about what sustainability folks were doing?

Those are the good old days. Sustainability — and its finance-oriented cousin, ESG — are now mainstream, which means they are more widely seen and understood — and misunderstood. As they gain altitude and influence, they are roiling the status quo, spurring transformations in companies, supply chains and markets, which may be sorely needed but which aren’t universally appreciated. Far from it.

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