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August 2022 – “Preparing for AHRExpo 2023”

Help us curate the messages our industry wants to take to Atlanta

Our August theme is “Preparing for AHRExpo 2023” in Atlanta. Help us curate the messages our industry wants to take to Atlanta, our 23rd year of Education Sessions

Here is the capture from our sessions from Last Year in Las Vegas

The AHR Expo provides a unique forum where manufacturers of all sizes and specialties come together to share ideas and showcase the future of HVACR technology. Since 1930, the AHR Expo has remained the industry’s best place for OEMs, engineers, contractors, technicians, facility operators, architects, educators, and other industry professionals to explore the latest trends and applications and cultivate mutually beneficial business relationships. The event is co-sponsored by ASHRAE and AHRI, endorsed by many industry-leading organizations, and is held concurrently with ASHRAE’s Winter Conference.

AHRExpo Las Vegas

In discussion with the industry all acknowledge that the conversation has changed.  We need to regroup and present strong unified messages to our followers and the public. Much of what has changed is the scope and the subject of our purpose. Covid has made us remote repurposing our buildings while moving our focus to ensure healthy environments in the buildings. We have redefined and recreated the purpose of our original automated temperature control systems to provide a better digital experience both on-site and remotely.

Since February -“Vegas Winds & Wins”  Here on some of the subjects we have discussed that need to be part of our dialog for Atlanta

Last month’s theme July 2022 – “ESG R Us”  “ESG” related policies (Environmental Social and Governance) are growing across all segments of the CRE industry. Outlines the importance of this much bigger than us movement.

June 2022 – Why AI?  We have gone past the ‘why do we need AI’ to ‘why we should participate in building AI.’

May 2022 – “Enabling Value by Improving Infrastructure”  We all have collective technologies that help make buildings healthier, safer, securer, more efficient, and improve ESG. We need to change our focus and engage in the creation of the context of the communication of our change feature our embodied value.

April 2022 “Radical Reinvention Reconfiguration & Forced Evolution”  Our industry and others are immersed in immense change. The Communication of that Change is of the greatest importance and is fundamental to our forced evolution. We all need to be part of that communication.

We need to discuss what is the “Metaverse” and what it means to our industry. was born and grew up with the “Internet” or “World Wide Web” and other names.

Our next new  AB2.0 will have the same experience with the Metaverse or whatever it is finally called.

Sourav Metaverse: Move beyond the hype Metaverse : Move beyond the hype – (

From the birth of the Internet to current times, we have seen disruptive changes across all industries that the Internet has touched. It has redefined everything: business, education, entertainment, sports, and healthcare, to name a few. It has transformed and changed how we interact through various social networking platforms. We live in an exciting era of change, and in fact, we will witness another Internet inflection point – the Metaverse.

Although it is in its early stages, the Metaverse will change how people interpret and interact with technology and themselves. Some define the Metaverse as a virtual world platform that allows people to interact. Some relate it to virtual reality and describe it as Web 3.0. This article views it as a broader term that seamlessly connects our physical world with several virtual world platforms using existing or newer interfaces.