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07 Sep PRESS RELEASE: LonMark International Expands Scope and Mission, Provides Shareware, Creating Consistent and Scalable Experiences For Developers

LMI also announced that the LON Stack DX is now open and available on Github ( to equip the IoT community with extended deployment capabilities and greater agility. The stack opens LON to a new world of hardware and software development beyond traditional building automation applications. The ability to now openly share the LON stack encourages developers to take full advantage of the decades of standardization work LMI has done to create the most open and interoperable network/IoT enabled products, systems, and solutions.

LON Stack DX allows product developers and manufacturers to easily add the LON protocol to existing devices, which now will enable their devices to be multi-protocol. According to LMI member Daniel ZOTTI who is CEO of Occitaline and President of LonMark Francophone, “Since the stack is available openly for porting on to any compatible processor, it improves the developer community’s ability to scale LonWorks based products from very inexpensive embedded endpoint products like sensors to more powerful and capable higher-level products like programmable controllers and IoT gateways.”

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