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A New Industry Library that Links and Contextualizing our Online Presence Wherever

Someone asked if the reinvention of was to be the social media site for the industry.

No, not a social media site but a contexted map of our vast industry online presence depicted by each of our Communities of Practice “COP” correctly contexted by the authors.

We see the new site as the dynamic library/landing/launch pad 

Culler states that the meaning of work is what the writer accomplished, not what the writer thinks during the process of writing and what the writer’s thinking at some moment in writing. Meaning is a notion, it is more about what people understand and try to understand in the text. Culler says “meaning is context-bound, but context is boundless.”

This WP plugin site stresses the naming of our links each time you post on AB2.0 you get a clear cryptic URL to share with common social media platforms that helps add context to your subject.

Think hard about your AB2.0 title as it will become your cryptic context descriptor.

Conclusions from Pretty Links WP Plugin

On social media, it’s not just what you link to but how you link that matters. Establishing a clear strategy is important for making sure your marketing efforts are as effective as possible.

As we discussed in this post, there are five powerful social media practices for effective linking that you can follow:

  1. Using Pretty Links to create shortened, branded URLs that are visually appealing and credible.
  2. Cross-linking your social media profiles to help grow your audience and expand your reach.
  3. Adding deep links to your website to improve SEO rankings.
  4. Using high-quality and engaging images alongside links to increase engagement.
  5. Including links in your social profile bios as CTAs to key landing pages.

Defining our annoying acronyms in this post we asked,

What is an API? Which started a great discussion that returned no conclusion. Yet we talk about the role of API?

This may help …but each of us had a different definition What is an API in programming?

  • Application Programming Interface. The term API is an acronym, and it stands for “Application Programming Interface.”. Think of an API like a menu in a restaurant

What are the different types of web API?

  • Here are the four main types of web API: Open APIs are open source application programming interfaces you can access with the HTTP protocol. Also known as public APIs, they have defined API endpoints and request and response formats. Partner APIs are application programming interfaces exposed to or by strategic business partners.