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Christopher Naismith: Building A Carbon Reduction Plan For Every Building On The Planet

Audette is building a carbon reduction plan for every building on the planet. With the built environment representing 37% of global carbon emissions, there is no carbon-free future without carbon-free real estate. By creating and unlocking this data into global markets, Audette is accelerating the adoption of cleantech towards a zero-carbon economy.

Tell us about yourself.

I began my career as a Civil Engineer in housing development. I quickly realized that the decisions we, as engineers make, have huge effects on the people who live in our communities. I also realized that in many cases, we were making very bad decisions for the future of the planet. I dropped out and tried to find a better path. From building water pipelines in Uganda to off-grid housing in New Mexico, I ended up in the field of Building Science. For ten years I helped large corporate real estate decarbonize their portfolios by designing low-carbon heating and ventilation systems. After some time, I realized this was also not going to happen fast enough and that the world required scaled technology solutions to drive the decarbonization market.

In 2020 I launched Audette, and it’s taken off from there!

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

I’d probably go back and hand myself a pitch deck. It’s taken two years to really understand the messaging and mission behind the work that we’re doing, and who the best partners are to work with. The work of finding product-market fit is never really done, but if time travel is an option it would certainly provide a shortcut!

This sounds to me like building the context of your value

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