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What Will It Be Like in the 2030’s?

By Marc Petock Chief Marketing & Communications Officer Lynxspring 

Contributing Editor

McKinsey & Company recently published an article entitled “Could This Be a Glimpse into Life in the 2030s?

In the article, they commented that for many industries the pandemic was a catalyst for a period of “head-spinning change.” It made us realize that we could move faster than we ever thought possible. Industries went “digital” in a matter of days not years. New services were created and offered with speed and agility. This led McKinsey to further say, “it is conceivable that more innovation will happen in the next ten years than in any previous decade in modern history and life in the 2030s could be vastly different from today”.

The article also highlighted several interesting possibilities for what the 2030s might look like. A few of my personal favorites:  

Packaging – Environmentally friendly and “smart” containers that are created with sensors that indicate when the product has gone bad.

Car Ownership – Access to a variety of cars. Rather than owning one particular vehicle, get a subscription package that gives you options such as a specific model on weekdays, a convertible in summer, and an SUV for winter adventures. There will be no haggling; each package will have a fixed price. (I really like this one and I will take a GMC pickup, a Porsche 911, a Land Rover Defender, a Jeep, and if there happens to be an extra 1970 Chevelle SS—any color is fine—well that would be ok too).

Vacations-Out-of-this-world vacations will not be out of the question. A short stay at a space hotel? A weekend on the moon? Rocket launches will become so much less expensive, many more people will venture into outer space. Count me in.

So, what will the built environment look like in the 2030s? Will our buildings have made the shift from smart to smarter? How will they be occupied? How will they be managed and operated? Will all the commitments to net zero be met? Will the multitude of concepts that are being talked about today be delivered and become a mainstay?

While I do not have the answers, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out. I will be one of those who will be looking forward to seeing how this develops. How about you? What do you think?

As we consider what it will be like in the 2030s, I would like to share a concept I have been thinking about. Meet “BOB,” a personalized Building Occupant Band™.

(Not actual product photo. Representation purposes only)

In short, BOB is a wireless, personalized band with an intuitive interface that enables personalized manageability of space and in-building experiences including identification, access control, comfort, lighting, ambiance, room reservations, call for an elevator, emergency notification, and more. As indoor air quality is now extremely important, BOB also displays relative IAQ information. And for those who are fitness conscious, it records your steps.

Powered by a secured, private in-building CBRS network, BOB operates on-premise only and automatically shuts off when out of range and once an individual checks out and leaves the office.

As our world continues to evolve at a rapid pace, so will our demands for a more personal in-building experience, and it is important that our workplaces and living environments evolve with it. Advancing technology, innovation, and actionable insights will continue to play a critical role in transforming our day-to-day building operations.