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October “Our Reinvention”

Not having an October issue of is strange for me as our new daily continuously created website by the industry is now online.

No longer a monthly issue but now hosting daily information generated directly by our sponsors and contributing editors and of course me.

Help us create ad-free public access to extremely current industry information for Smarter Connected Sustainable Buildings

Our sponsors, Contributing Editors, and approved Contributors share their messages helping build this Industry Resource/Library with their valuable content instantly in their own words and multi-media depictions. All are written on our wall and shared on their own social media post. This allows others to share that extremely current information on their favorite social media. 

Our goal is to create a self-sustaining resource for the industry. Created by the industry, for the industry, for the world to better understand our smarter building value.

For over 23 years has worked closely with all players in our industry to capture our discussion and history. 

We need to capture and use the complete resources and support of our rapidly evolving industry.

This is where you can share your passion while creating and building trust.

Just online a few weeks and our reinvention is working well, but reinvention is never done and we want to share your reinventing.

In our redesign & reinvention, it became apparent that we not only need the support of a few, edited by one but to provide an industry-edited dynamic library/landing/launch pad where we all can write on the walls for the world to see and the industry to exchange ideas.

What have we achieved in the few weeks of being online? These posts

Just a few of the posts