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When we connect ourselves to the reinvention train we are in for an amazing ride. Hop on!

Our industry and all other Industries are in midst of reinvention. Remote anywhere work, the radical change in the use of existing infrastructures, and the evolving online economies all cry for the reinvention of “virtually” everything. Reinvention is the action or process through which something is changed so much that it appears to be entirely new.

As we start our personal journey of reinvention we can see, feel, and experience things beyond our present imagination, connecting us to other people with their own reinvention visions and journeys. Our planned reinvention needs to allow room for the reinvention of others. We need to plan for the changes that we perhaps can’t accommodate now but that we know will happen.

When we connect ourselves to the reinvention train we are in for an amazing ride. Hop on!

The communication and interaction this collective reinvention demands are of extreme interest to me. We have been very busy the last few months reinventing our online identity

It has been a mind-expanding exercise, learning to think younger led by those that were born connected. Learning and understanding that what we did in the past stored on a laptop, stored on a drive, is now completely done on a phone connected to the cloud.

Each reinvention leads to the next and when the complex pieces are in place it all becomes amazing simple and we are able to do complex things easily. Understanding how the younger folks think and interact with only their phones is the core of anywhere-anytime connections.

Almost everything you touch is in a process of reinvention, and the speed of that change is amazing. Our shiny new cloud interface is built on top of our 23 years of content and can reach back into the “Wayback” to quote and connect to what we have done before and include that in today’s conversations.

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