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Welcome newest Platinum Sponsor “Smart Buildings Academy (SBA)”

Welcome our Newest Platinum Sponsor

Smart Buildings Academy (SBA) is the largest vendor-agnostic training organization globally, enabling organizations to develop and expand their Building Automation workforce rapidly and profitably. SBA uses an in-depth skills assessment and customized learning plans to take employees from average to master level, or from new hire to productive at blistering speed. With learning paths and courses targeted at all roles in the industry across multiple modalities, over 2,000 organizations have made the decision to add Smart Buildings Academy as a strategic partner.

SBA has developed training solutions that rapidly train and expand your workforce profitably

Please thank them for helping us create your ad-free public access to extremely current industry information for Smarter Connected Sustainable Buildings

Our goal is to create a self-sustaining resource for the industry. Created by the industry, for the industry, for the world to better understand our smarter building value.