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BASview3 Custom Graphics Facilitate Automation Supervision and Control

Contemporary Controls’ BASview3 embedded, web-based graphical interface continues to be popular in the building automation and process automation industries due to its ability to provide client functionality and control to any BACnet/IP and Modbus TCP system

Graphics can be used to monitor and control any BACnet or Modbus system. Custom graphics, in PNG or GIF file format, can be uploaded to the BASview3 and used in graphic screens. Animations can be uploaded as an animated GIF. Images can be purchased online from vendors or created using open source or professional software. You can also upload a photo in PNG format. Image containers in the BASview3 can utilize uploaded images as a background, such as a floor plan, as shown in the above image. While smaller images, such as automation equipment or customer name or logo, can be freely positioned in the graphic.

The BASview3’s library of gadgets for displaying and/or controlling point values can be used to freely position over the uploaded image to create a complete and functional graphic of a system. BASview3’s HTML5 graphics are easy to create and scale on a variety of platforms, such as tablets, mobile phones, or PCs, and can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously from anywhere over the network.

For example, the 3D floor plan for the Office HVAC Control image was imported into the BASview3 as a PNG image file, then several built-in BASview3 gadgets were freely positioned on top and around it. Then BACnet points were attached to each gadget using the menu.  For more information, visit Contemporary Controls’ BASview3 product page.