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Business Side of System Integration

Watch this week’s Monday Live! discussion of the business side of System Integration. We were joined by our guest Greg Lockhart from Climatec, LLC

From my, AutomatedBuildings slide Was concerned about how we would achieve growing the industry younger with our reinvented AB2.0. These blasts from the past  2015, 2018, and 2020 reminded me;

Metamorphosing Me – Younger mentors give me wings, keeping me connected to our rapidly digitally transforming lives, with their connections to yet younger metamorphic mentors. Born Again Connected Perception of our reality is everything. We need a method to disconnect from our perceptions and imagine ourselves as “Born Again Connected.”

Create a self-learning culture Some of these editorials are:
Autodidacticism,”  “Creating Your Collaboration,”
The ‘I of Me’ of IoT,” and “Education for Your Vocation.”

Brad and Kerri who is one of those VC have been big part
of our reinvention Listen to both of their presentations
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