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Honorable recognition by CUBE

For this new issue, CUBE wants to make an honorable recognition! To start, we will mention three of our great motivators, we will unveil the inspiring phrases that have mobilized the vital development of CUBE, and we will end with a brief reflection exercise that highlights the honoree who inspires this blog.

This time we will look back on the 20th century which saw the arrival of Peter Drucker, Daniel Goleman, and Idalberto Chiavenato. These three great thinkers in the business management field are still very relevant today. The last two still provide us with their own ideas, and Drucker, since leaving this world, transcends through the ideas he inspires in many others.

We share the quote of lawyer and educator Peter Drucker, who was an European by birth and American by adoption: “To innovate is to find new or better uses for the resources we already have”. This has been an unspoken motto for CUBE that drives our founder on a daily basis and challenges the team to learn and seek solutions that aim to benefit the end users of our software platform.

Likewise, Daniel Goleman, doctor of psychology and American journalist, challenges us as human beings and as a team to be better in order to contribute more. Goleman inspires when he states that: “Interpersonal intelligence is the ability to understand others: what motivates them most, how they work and how best to cooperate with them”, and leads us to think about how to evolve internally. We also learn how to contribute through our product when he says that “The strengths and weaknesses of a boss’s emotional competence can be measured, respectively, by the full use or misuse of his subordinates’ talents”.

And to close this revelation, we look to Brazilian philosopher, pedagogue, lawyer, and business administrator Idalberto Chiavenato, highly respected in the area of human resources management. He states that “People management has been responsible for the excellence of successful organizations and for the contribution of intellectual capital that symbolizes, more than anything else, the importance of the human factor in the Information Age”. In line with this, we would like to emphasize that CUBE, as an active part of the technology and software development industry and eager to be an important contributor to information management, is motivated by Chiavenato’s statement to continue working to make its platform a key tool that facilitates excellent people management.

Now we would like to present the result of the brief exercise of self-reflection that allows us to evaluate how the inspiration of the three mentioned thinkers gradually materializes in what CUBE works to offer you.

The following are some of the functionalities associated with the above-mentioned famous phrases.

In the Human Resources module, our platform allows users, among other functionalities, to manage the descriptive information of their employees and to know some of their special characteristics, to manage the particularities of their payment scheme in a personalized way, and to execute a timely and efficient payroll.

As a differentiating contribution in the field of BAS Estimating software, in the Estimating and Engineering module, CUBE offers your company’s employees a wide variety of pre-packaged and ready-made templates to help them to not have to reinvent the wheel, not start from scratch when creating a project, and to avoid the investment of personal time to respond on time to their job´s tasks.

In addition, this CUBE module also allows interaction with graphic platforms and graphic supports, which are integrated into CUBE and greatly speed up the creation of submittals.

In all its modules, CUBE facilitates the storage and management of a large amount of documentation related to the entire life of the projects of its user companies. This includes collecting information of their prospects and their active customers, the creation and execution of each project developed or each service provided, through all kinds of physical and human resources involved in them. This streamlines the management of many company employees who use the platform, from varying positions, helping them increase their levels of organization and efficiency.

And we do not want to forget the mention of a possibility that CUBE offers to its decision-making users! This will help speed up the key role they have in their companies, through the analysis they can make of the dashboards (that can be managed in all the modules) of the platform, and through all the possibilities offered by the special module of Business Intelligence – BI.

As we come to the conclusion of this Blog, we believe it is easy to deduce who CUBE wanted to honor with this content. We wanted to pay tribute to the human resources. Yes, to the human resources that create CUBE, to the human resources that support CUBE users, and mainly to the human resources of CUBE user companies. Those people on whom we focus our efforts and whose management we want to enhance by the hand of our motivators. We are honored that you are all part of the CUBE community!

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