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CUBE and ALPS Controls. An integration that makes life easier!

As we have pointed out in previous blogs, life is short and we need to be able to enjoy its different dimensions. We are aware that more time and money can give us a hand in achieving this, so in that sense, the end of the year is a good time to talk about new opportunities and unions that bring about great benefits for all!

So, let’s talk a bit about the integration between CUBE and ALPS controls, and how it really attracts benefits to those who experience it.

Let’s briefly recall what CUBE is and what its mission is:

CUBE was created to make efficiency a reality for its customers, therefore making life easier for Control Contractors. CUBE develops software solutions that make it easy to maximize the information and tools that Controls Contractors need to excel at their job, reducing costs and increasing efficiency and revenue. CUBE is the creator of CUBE Edge, the only platform on the market with everything needed to run a business. 

And now let’s briefly recall what ALPS Controls is and  its mission: is the leading online marketplace and building automation control parts and peripherals in the Americas, dedicated to serving building automation control contractors and integrators. This remarkable company provides an unparalleled package of solutions that includes service (technical support on parts whenever user needs it), selection (100+ million of parts. Not thousands like traditional distributors/wholesalers. Tons of parts), convenience (Users have everything they need to do their job all in one place), productivity (robust and simple tools to make users´ job easier), and price (business model is lean, efficient, and focused on keeping prices consistent and competitive) through a non-stocking, transactional distributor business model enabled by their highly intuitive and powerful website. All of this leads to the conclusion that, like CUBE, ALPS Controls aims to make life easier for Controls Contractors.

So what will a Controls Contractor who counts on CUBE and lives the integration between these two companies get?

CUBE Edge, whose core is the Estimating and Engineering module, is a comprehensive software tool that allows the complete management of projects, tasks and services, human resources, payroll, inventories, suppliers and subcontractors, as well as the potential of its BI module to support decision making. From CUBE, users enjoy the services of for the management of the parts that their projects require, without exclusivity.

The following are some of the major benefits associated with the integration:

  • Automatic Price Updates

Let’s start with removing the concerns of not having your costs updated by providing live price updates. CUBE will detect when any price changes on the parts you currently use and will immediately update your database.

  • Eliminate Revenue Lost Due to Inaccurate Cost Calculations

The estimating module will monitor each of the parts used in your projects, and as soon as a change is detected, CUBE will raise an alarm to let your estimators know that there is a cost update. This will eliminate any potential loss of revenue due to unrealized cost changes.

  • Smart Part Selection

The entire Alps catalog is inside CUBE, which means millions of parts. This will give you an amazing advantage to find any part you need while estimating or comparing your current selection with thousands of variations.

  • Seamless Purchasing

A great advantage of this integration is that you can now order your parts directly from your estimate to the alps store; therefore, you will eliminate any mistakes due to data entry errors. Additionally, you will gain tremendous efficiency.

After knowing all of the above, stop frustrating over not having the current cost in your estimate. Life is too short to be wasting it overusing the incorrect tools. Using the right tool lets you work smarter, not harder.

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