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AHR Session: Metaverse, Digital Twins, and Augmented Reality Resource page

Session Overview

As the BAS industry shifts into more managed IT services, how are companies that build products, install systems, and support BAS businesses changing?  Who are the new shooting stars and where did they come from? How can experience on older networked systems be invaluable to implementing new technology? During this session, we will try to answer these questions and many more about staffing challenges within the BAS industry. 

Speakers & Panelists

David Sciarrino

David Sciarrino

Source IoT Con

Nicolas Waern

Keith Gipson

Keith Gipson

If I were to describe what does in a sentence I would say:

“Autonomous and automatic (automated?) 24/7/365 remote AI Optimization of HVAC assets, mechanical equipment and buildings”

There’s not much of a “visual” to this. Think of it as being similar to those old (1980’s) Chiller Optimization panels. Or a “black box” that you install on your engine to help it get better gas mileage! (Increase efficiency).

Except it’s virtual.

I typically use the overview of the system architecture as a “back drop” to my oral presentation.

Like this:


Typically I would segment my presentation into these categories:

1. The problem:

Buildings consume 40% of the energy and they WASTE 30% of that!

2. Integration (or the lack thereof) and the lack of a viable and open Independent Data Layer (IDL) remains a problem. Legacy and proprietary systems persist.

3. Hardware is costly. Both from a CapEx perspective as well as to installation.

4. One way to solve these issues is to utilize remotely connected software gateways to the “cloud” as an “overlay” to effect an AI-based Advanced Supervisory Control (ASC) optimization system.

5. The benefits include:

Enhanced comfort

Energy waste reduction and savings

Reduced GHG emissions

I was thinking about using this (very expensive!?) 😂 video our marketing department produced, as an “intro”.

(It’s 1:37 long).

What do you think?



Mike Mitchell

Cochrane Supply

Troy Harvey

Troy Harvey

Passive Logic