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AHR Session: Smart Buildings Academy – IP Networking Fundamentals for Construction Professionals

Session Overview

Are your interactions with a customer’s IT group holding up the progress of your jobs? Are you increasingly struggling with designing and implementing IP networks and devices in your projects?

In this session, Phil Zito CEO of Smart Buildings Academy will give you the practical knowledge you need to tackle these issues. Phil has a master’s degree in Information Systems and has extensive experience designing, implementing, and troubleshooting OT and IT Networks for Fortune 500 companies.

This session will:

  •  Make you conversational in “IT Speak”
  • Teach you the core networking concepts that you need to design and implement IP devices
  • How to proactively address IT concerns so that your IT requests don’t hold up your projects
  • And a Live Q&A to address your IT networking concerns

Speakers & Panelists