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AHR Session: Trends in BAS Design & Specifications and the Future Role of Div 2525

Session Recording

Session Overview

BAS technology is evolving rapidly, as are owners’ expectations of this technology. In a lot of areas including interoperability of various smart building systems, occupant experience, and ESG goals, our specifications, and design practices are failing to keep pace. In this session, we will explore these challenges and discuss emerging solutions to these issues, including the Div 2525 project. Div 2525 is an open-source project that aims to provide a requirement framework that will motivate suppliers to adopt proven standards and methods for representing and communicating information, so that system integrators, facility engineers, and application providers can quickly and easily set up these products to enable and benefit from interoperability. Attendees can expect to leave this session with some practical takeaways that they can apply immediately to help resolve the barriers that prevent owners from getting the best possible outcome from their smart building systems.

Speakers & Panelists