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AHR Session: Metaverse, Digital Twins, and Augmented Reality – Emerging technologies will change how we interact with the built space.

Session Overview

Technology is playing an ever-increasing role in our lives. The way our next generation will interact with the environment around them will look very different than it does today.  In this session, we will explore how these digital platforms can revolutionize the way we design, build, and manage buildings along with all their assets.

Speakers & Panelists

Keith Gipson

Keith Gipson provides autonomous, and automated, 24/7/365 remote AI optimization of HVAC assets, mechanical equipment and buildings.
1. The problem: Buildings consume 40% of the energy and they WASTE 30% of that!
2. Integration (or the lack thereof) and the lack of a viable and open Independent Data Layer (IDL) remains a problem. Legacy and proprietary systems persist.
3. Hardware is costly. Both from a CapEx perspective as well as to install.
4. One way to solve for these issues is to utilize remotely connected software gateways to the “cloud” as an “overlay” to effect an AI-based Advanced Supervisory Control (ASC) optimization system.
5. The benefits include:
 •  Enhanced comfort
 • Energy waste reduction and savings
 • Reduced GHG emissions