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New Information added daily by speakers for our Free Education Session AHRExpo Atlanta   Posting daily from our Sponsors and Editors  +

Creating our  2023 AHR Expo – Atlanta Free Education Sessions Reinvention goes well

Linking the presenter’s faces to their online presence. Each session will have a connection to the speakers’ online message; Graphics, Video, AI depictions, website, and narrated notes, this is the new virtual power point in the metaverse for each speaker. As most of our speakers are either a sponsor or contributing editors they can write directly to our wall with their AB log-on. Yes, we are still working out the details of the library/landing/launch pad.

Meet the Who’s Who of Building Automation in Atlanta

Jan. 12, 2023’s free education sessions at AHR Expo will gather the industry’s finest to share their knowledge, experience, and hopes for the future.

Ken Sinclair