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Smart Buildings Academy (SBA) Top Ten in 2022

“Top Ten” things SBA and our valued customers and partners accomplished in 2022!

One thing we don’t do enough of at Smart Buildings Academy is take the time to share our accomplishments as an organization. We find ourselves guilty of following a popular shoe brand adage… we “Just do it.”

As we kickoff 2023 we wanted to share with the community some highlights from our 2022 year in review. If any of these resonate with you please don’t hesitate to reach out

A special “THANK YOU” to all of our customers, advocates, partners, sponsors, and students who helped us achieve incredible results this year and these specific examples of success!

SBA 2022 Top Ten List (in no particular order)

  1. OEM A replaced a well known “premier” IT training program with our IT course as the standard for their highest level technician certification because our content was more relevant to the technician audience and delivered a more capable field workforce
  2. OEM B has chosen SBA to create custom training programs for their system integrator audience in hopes of helping them grow more rapidly
  3. OEM C has contracted us to create a their new technical training academy and has been using this to train internal staff and partner system integrators at speed
  4. OEM D is in the final stages of rolling out a Workforce Development program to hire untrained talent and has chosen SBA to rapidly develop these hires for their local offices
  5. OEM E is using SBA to create a training and development program for their employees using our curriculum as the baseline.
  6. We developed and deployed 3 cohorts of Workforce Development effectively taking postal workers, steel workers, and hotel lobby clerks and turning them into startup/service technicians in 11-weeks, completely online, with 8x return on the investment of hiring and training within the first year
  7. We have built out an aptitude assessment process in the building automation space to determine how employees can be managed, motivated and career pathed. This will supplement our technical assessment. We will be piloting this in January.
  8. We hit over 20,000 individuals completing our technical skills assessment since 2018. This robust skills assessment is used by thousands of companies to assess their talent, prescreen hires, and create learning plans
  9. We are approaching 400+ Podcast episodes with average listens nearing 20,000/week making us the largest podcast in the industry
  10. We are the first training company asked to list their training courses on multiple online marketplace platforms hosted by OEM’s and large System Integrators

There is so much more we would love to share but we can’t without naming names or giving too much of the secret recipe away. We are humbled that so many organizations, leaders, and individuals trust us to deliver results and help them succeed.