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Another AHR Expo

Marc Petock Vice President, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer Lynxspring

Another AHR Expo (2023), the biggest tradeshow in the U.S. devoted to HVAC has now come and gone. Was it a success? Without a doubt, absolutely.

This year’s event was very crowded with attendees and a packed tradeshow floor with all kinds of new stuff. This stuff is taking HVAC products and solutions to the next level rapidly.

While several things caught my attention, the one area that stood out for me the most was how this industry is taking its cues from smarter buildings. More equipment and systems are accelerating and becoming connected and integrated, they are smarter with increased intelligence, are providing access to data, and many, are now offering a Cloud component. As a result, this combination is transforming the industry from being just about offering equipment to one about offering solutions.

Other observations, there was a lot of focus on the continued digital transformation journey, with emphasis on energy, decarbonization, sustainability, IAQ, and electrification. Also, sensors, sensors, sensors…they were everywhere along with applications for just about anything—-” Hey, I have an app for that”.

On the education front, the 2023 version of the AHR Expo seemed to have more sessions and opportunities to gain knowledge than I had experienced at previous shows. Here again, there looked to be several sessions that incorporated the “smart” and “data” aspects.

And finally, when walking the tradeshow floor there appeared to be more of the younger generation taking this all in. And yes, that is a good thing for us all!

Our session at AHR went well YouTube here