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“Generative AI: A Primer for Product and Business Managers” Sudha Jamthe (Author)

Hi Friends, I am happy to share the pre-order of my newest book about #generativeai #generativeaibook

“Generative AI: A Primer for Product and Business Managers” is ready for pre-order on Amazon.

As always I am grateful 🙏 to my students, and community of learners at #WeeklyWed and researchers at Global South in AI who have inspired me to learn, teach, and write on foundational models and track the evolution of #generativeai for the past 3+ years.

This is a book for #productmanagers and #businessleaders to demystify the what, why and how of this hot topic.

This is not a technical book on how-to build #generativeai models.
– It is a book for all technology enthusiasts to learn the underpinnings of the evolving models of #GPT3 #DallE #DaVinci etc from OpenAI, #BERT, #GPT-Image, #Imagen, and the newest #ChatGPT competition #Bard from Google, ERNIE-ViLG from Baidu, Inc. AlexaTM 20B from Amazon, and startup ecosystem
– Understand the evolution of the #apieconomy
– Draw inspiration to #innovate from your #data by understanding the evolving business models #ai #technology

Grateful 🙏 to colleagues and believers who have helped me on my journey sharing my excitement and grounding me to uncover the futuristic trends for opportunity and inclusion David Kerrigan Ken Herron Rob van Kranenburg Ajit Jaokar Christian Mastrodonato Roxy Stimpson Yashaswini Viswanath Josep Clotet Soler Diwakar Bansal Benyue (Emma) Liu Patrick K. Lin Susanna R. Diya Wynn (she/her) Suresh Lokiah – DAND Tahereh Saheb Bonaventure F. P. Dossou Blessing Ogbuokiri, PhD 💢Aleksander Poniewierski Ricardo Baeza-Yates Thiago Felipe Avanci Robert Schwentker Mahesh Rajan

Please use the hashtag #generativeaibook and I have setup a site at to share lessons with my analysis and research as the space evolves.

This is just the beginning!