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Recognize, Adapt to Trends for Competitive Advantage. See How at AHR Expo.

By: Melissa Boutwell, President, Automation Strategy & Performance, a workforce solutions company

Employers are always looking for positive actions that can help them increase their competitive position in the smart infrastructure space. At AHR Expo Sunday, 2/5 and Monday 2/6, there are three sessions that will yield a wealth of ideas for this evolving BAS landscape.

The big idea is that businesses that recognize and adapt to dramatic demographic shifts will thrive. But recognizing what is happening and adapting well requires skill and effort.

There are 3 adaptive moves all businesses should be capable of making now.

I unpack them at a high level below, but for greater detail, join me and each panel of speakers at the following events at AHR Expo 2023.

Sunday, 2/5 – Smart Summit

Monday 2/6 – Staffing a BAS Company – Generation IP – the New BAS Paradigm

Monday 2/6 – Our Opportunity in ESG

Now, back to the Adaptive Actions Employers should be taking today.

Become better at attracting and retaining women in your technology driven workplace.  Tech industry has struggled to attract women into technology careers and struggled even more to retain them. The companies that do this well will gain significant advantage as sellers, buyers, and leaders in their markets.  Diversity, equity and inclusion is an increasingly critical core competency for business. Although all aspects of diversity are increasingly important, female participation in the tech sector shows the greatest potential for improvement.  What causes women to join an organization, why do they stay, who is doing it best and why?  Discover these techniques and do it better than your competition.

Be serious about making an impact as a business in areas workers care about.  Research indicates that meaningful work and making an impact are key decision factors in choosing an employer and staying with an employer. Our new demographics are reshaping what our customers and employees care about and the impacts they want to make.  Substantial research including studies indicates this is true even if pay is less and that pay alone is not enough to attract and keep good people.  Businesses that discover how to tap the human energy potential of a workforce actively engaged in meaningful work will gain competitive advantage in their markets.

Strengthen your supply chain with resilient partners who share your workforce priorities. Supply chains will continue to be a significant opportunity or risk for businesses in the technology sector. Research indicates that root causes of supply chain challenges can be tied to lack of resilience in the workforce. Increasingly critical infrastructure sectors are examining the S performance of companies to make partnership and contractual decisions to shed risk in their supply chains. Tenacity, resilience and commitment to meaningful work significantly improve a workforce’s overall ability to overcome supply chain disruptions and deliver game changing results.  Businesses that take this seriously will thrive compared to their peers in volatile circumstances.  Having a strong S can enable your organization to be a part of the supply chain solution and have confidence in your own supply chain.

To learn from examples of how this is working today and providing opportunities to the BAS industry, join the following events at AHR Expo 2023.

Sunday, 2/5 – Smart Summit

Mondy 2/6 – Staffing a BAS Company – Generation IP – the New BAS Paradigm

Monday 2/6 – Our Opportunity in ESG