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Welcome our new Sponsor MSA Safety FieldServer™ network

Welcome our new platinum sponsor and thank them for helping us create free public access to extremely current industry information for Smarter Connected Sustainable Buildings.

MSA Safety provides industry-leading solutions that help facilities and equipment owners protect assets and easily connect equipment to 3rd party applications. Our FieldServer™ network connects devices through protocol translation and a connection to the cloud for remote monitoring, data collection, and diagnostics all in a one-box solution.

Our Sponsors, Contributing Editors, and approved Contributors share their messages helping build this Industry Resource/Library with their valuable content instantly in their own words and multi-media depictions. All are written on our wall and shared on their own social media post. This allows others to share that extremely current information on their favorite social media. 

Our goal is to create a self-sustaining resource for the industry. Created by the industry, for the industry, for the world to better understand our smarter building value.