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Inclusion of AI’s Value in our Creative Communities Collisions

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Posted here on LinkedIn for you to share your comments Ken Sinclair wants everyone plus my contributing editors and sponsors to weigh into this conversation
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I am pleased with our last post, which links to many online resources and educational YouTubes from AHRExpo Atlanta and speaks to the creation of our Creative Community Collisions.

In this month’s post, we will talk about how AI’s amazing value is posed to be a big part of our Creative Community Collisions.

In our last post, we linked some AI articles and their effect on our communities.

This article does a great job of providing a broad view of how AI will impact us and how soon.

What’s on the 2023 Gartner Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar?

I love the bull’s eye graphic that shows how and when “AI” will hit us

At the center of the Bull’s eye graphic is Edge AI, with the explosion in vision in edge devices as something happening now. This will come to our creative communities with the new edge devices we install or move into our space.

Imaging, New devices with self-contained, self-aware, self-learning edge control with wireless cell networks that will view their surroundings with cameras and audio interaction, sensing everything. These new devices could include thermography to sense critical temperatures, occupancy, and air quality touchless without conventional sensors installations.  Mini self-driving Tesla-like building components moving into our space carry their intelligence wherever they are positioned. The wireless network will be self-discovery and self-connecting.

This concept is easy to imagine in the large retrofit of a significant building from office to residential, including the decarbonization and electrification with abandoning or hybridizing existing systems.

Personal Conditioning devices that automatically sense you and display real-time temperature, occupancy, air quality etc. Complete control using an app and compatible voice services.  

Old existing sensing will likely be abandoned.

This is a big headshake for our industry but a possible evolution.

As existing buildings are most of our focus, Generative AI will likely be part of our future. Although the bull’s eye shows its future further out in the timeline, several are now exploring and advocating its use.

In this article,

What is generative AI? January 19, 2023 | Article

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) describes algorithms (such as ChatGPT) that can be used to create new content, including audio, code, images, text, simulations, and videos. Recent new breakthroughs in the field have the potential to drastically change the way we approach content creation.

This post by our contributing editor and one of our sponsors gives some insights today on this LinkedIn post.

So You Think you Know the Future of AI and IoT?

We have all heard or read about ChatGPT, the new AI Chatbot system, but what could happen if you bundle ChatGPT with IoT and apply them to the Controls industry? We have written down some thoughts about it in our newest blog entry.

A comment leads to this post. BAS and GPT: Toward Intelligent Buildings that talk.

Millions tried the conversational chat A.I. language model of GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) on the OpenAI interface. It is a remarkable thing. However, testing it on Building automation and operation use cases is yet to be discovered, at least with the OpenAI GPT model once they release its API so that programmers and innovators in that space get into the applications’ mud.

Millions? yes, Millions in this article Cost of Change Sudha Jamthe February 20, 2023

Recently with #GenerativeAI, #ChatGPT has created quite a wave, with 100 million people chatting with the bot in the month of Jan, the fastest to 100 million user growth record in the Internet. This has created a lot of media buzz about a disruption in the search industry between Google and Microsoft as the latter has announced the integration of a version of ChatGPT into its bing search. Here Google is the established company owning a global search market share of 91.88% followed by Microsoft at 3% of the search market.

This post, Smart Buildings – What can AI teach us? Nicolas Waern January 25, 2023


I really like ChatGPT, and I tell my co-workers to become experts in it and to automate everything that they do. Trying their best to remove themselves from the equation. The marketing team, the AI team as well as the developers and project managers. Because there will be a point where AI will rule the world even more so than the news of AI, fake news will go rampant, and we will not be able to easily trust anything that we see (considering deep fakes) or what we hear if we trust that Microsoft can take 3 seconds of your voice and make it into something that sounds like you.

But we are not necessarily there yet. At least not when it comes to the future of Smart Buildings being predicted by AI. This is the benefit of having been in the business for some time and understanding what needs to be done. We already have the tools at our disposal, and we could solve all problems if we just understood how to apply them correctly in the correct order. Or how to invite the right people to innovate with our buildings and manage risk in the best way possible.

For March, our Monday live group is discussing AI impact

I just posted last month’s summary on the Smart Summit at AHRExpo Atlanta

Join us on Monday Live! for our last follow-up conversation from the Smarter Summit 23 held at AHR Expo earlier this month. We will focus on what actions industry players can undertake to move forward with the interoperable vision detailed at the Summit.

We were joined by Greg Walker CEO at CABA, and Tim Vogel VP of Connected Solutions at KMC Controls | Host of the Building Geniuses Podcast | Boldly Connecting Buildings and People with Creativity and Enthusiasm!

Register and join us at 3 pm ET

Our post date just missed IWD is March 8, which supports

With this post and others, Then, Now and the Future – A Women’s International Day Affirmation

This post is yet another call for inclusion in our Creative Communities