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Intellectual Property issues of AI/ML in the future of smarter buildings

Watch this week’s Monday Live! Show discussing Intellectual Property issues of AI/ML in the future of smarter buildings. Guests this week were legal experts Luke Budiardjo and Kat Gavin and AI/ML thought leader Keith Gipson. Anno Scholten Anto Budiardjo James Lee Ken Sinclair Marc Petock Roger Woodward Steve Fey Scott K. Hoffmann, MBA Tracy Markie Melissa Boutwell, LEED AP OM Rick Justis#c4sbC4SB – Coalition for Smarter Buildings#div2525#smarterstack#smartertogether

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If you asked me: “How will #AI #disrupt the #smartbuildings industry?” #AI will eliminate low to mid level human technicians and analysts! We’re already seeing this in other industries

With this latest announcement in the hyper compressed #AI #technology market advancement, with #OpenAI leading this #revolution; the #deepfaketechnologies will now present themselves.

A new word for me integrative/ˈɪntɪɡrətɪv/adjective 1. Combining
two or more things to form an effective unit or system:
“an integrative approach to learning”
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