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Will ASHRAE Guideline 36 help the U.S. catch up to the rest of the world?

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Many other countries have standardized on these types of enhanced control sequences. For example, engineers and system integrators in Australia have been using strategies like these for decades. The European markets have always been a step or two ahead of the US markets when it comes to advanced control strategies.

Much of that happened out of necessity as a response to steeply rising energy costs or legislation.

Those two drivers are now starting to impact the US market, so the timing for Guideline 36 could not be better.
Standards will only get you so far. Every building has its own unique personality, and these standards must be adopted uniquely for each situation. We still need talented engineers, programmers, and technicians to implement these standards in a way that generates real results.

The shrinking talent pool in these areas of expertise will be the real challenge. That shortage will usher in the adoption of building software and AI solutions that can help us achieve these standards faster and with better results without the need for additional labor.