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Reality Gamification and Rapid Decarbonization

Want to play a game and save the planet? The ability to emulate reality and digitally display live versions of reality in a video game setting is… awesome! The pictures below were from a demo done for the Digital Twin Consortium. It’s always awesome to notice that the game environment reflects the actual context of where the buildings are at.

Picture 1. Screenshots of actual platform usage for command & control capabilities. Changing something in the platform will also change something in reality. Pictures displaying different views of the building.

Smarter Organizations and Smarter Buildings

As some of you have seen over the years, I have been focused on leveraging modern tools in the right order to build a foundation that will pass the test of time. When I got wind of this innovation project a couple of years ago, I already knew what I wanted to create and the foundation of an open industry built with modern technology in mind, where it’s all about real-time data with Edge-native strategies.

Picture 2. Answering the Call of the Wild

This project has #distributed#intelligence, #edgecomputing -#edgenative strategies, #selflearning, and #selfactuating capabilities, #AI#algorithms on edge, data enriched through #taxonomies and #ontologies from the #industry, #realworld#emulation through #IFC#automated pipeline ingestion, #IoT-capabilities in the Twin so anything that you do does the same in reality, and many many more things.

Picture 2. Self-learning and self-optimizing Digital Twins with Distributed Intelligence and Reality Gamification

Learning three things from this project and we`ll solve 90% of the challenges when it comes to bringing in the correct data, in a future-proof way, from #construction -> to #assetmanagement – do #decommissioning – and back again to construction and the entire lifecycle. These are just three things that will make the world a better place. And it has nothing, and everything to do with Smarter Buildings.

Metaversal Mastery and Global Digital Twinning

This Metaversal Mastery is also used with the Global Digital Twinning from EDX Technologies where we can zoom out and into any part of the planet. This helps us illustrate what problems we are solving from another initiative focusing on Carbon Neutral Real Estate through DCarbon Solutions and how it ties into a Global Decentralized Network from Net Zero Token NZTwork. We are now raising money for all initiatives to take the world to the next level.

#RealityGamification is one of the most exciting areas to look out for, especially when it’s tied to an emulation of reality through interoperable and bi-directional data strategies. This will prove that the Metaverse is not only about escaping reality but can and should be used in tandem to improve reality. And It can further advance explainable AI concepts tied to the world we need to improve.

Multi-person collaboration
Picture 3. Co-op strategies for automated real estate decarbonization and 3/30/300 rule acceleration catering to the Trillion Dollar Opportunity and higher net-operating profit, easier collaboration, and potential of faster real estate transactions.

This is a dream that I’ve had for 25 years, playing co-op strategies with friends in Duke Nukem 3D. But now I can do it with customers, installers, vendors, Data Scientists, and anyone else interested in the reality in focus.

Sustainability is best achieved by knowing where to use the most modern tools in the right order for a planetary purpose!

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How do I know all of this?

Because it’s my job to know what the future will do in a week, a month, a year from now. And if you want to create the future before everyone else? Reach out to me and we’ll make it happen!


Nicolas Waern
CEO, Founder and Digital Twin Specialist at WINNIIO Consulting

Nicolas Waern is the CEO, Strategy & Innovation Leader, and a Digital Twin Implementation Specialist at the consulting firm WINNIIO. He is a firm believer that the Real Estate Industry needs more of a lifecycle focus where we need to go Beyond Buildings and come back with an understanding what tools and technology we could use. And to solve the jobs to be done, together, with an open mindset.

Nicolas is working with leaders in several industries to understand how they can succeed in the age of AI. Predicting what the world will do in a week, a month, a year from now and to best utilize strategies and solutions that pass the test of time. He does this through a Digitalization- on Demand approach for anyone that needs to change before they have to.

Nicolas is also a Podcast Creator & Newsletter Editor for Beyond Buildings
Thought Leader regarding Smart Buildings & Building Automation for AutomatedBuildings
Speaker and Influencer Event Streaming Platforms as the Holy Grail for Industry 4.0 Applications
Subject Matter Expert Real Estate Digitalization Proptech Digitalization Expert
Active Member of Digital Twin working groups Digital Twin Subject Matter Expert