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The impact of climate change on the smarter building industry.

Watch this week’s discussion on how new regulatory changes from the SEC may significantly change the commercial real estate landscape. With guest David Wilts ScholtenAnto BudiardjoWilliam BehnGINA ELLIOTTKen SinclairMarc PetockRoger WoodwardSteve FeyScott K. Hoffmann, MBATracy Markie#c4sbC4SB – Coalition for Smarter Buildings#div2525#smarterstack#smartertogetherMonday Live!

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Audrey’s post “Who is the customer, and what do they want?”
Amazon Employees for Climate Justice, which is effectively a union of workers who use their collective power to demand action on decarbonization
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Monday Live! Discussing the impact of climate change on the smarter building industry. We were joined by guests Justin Blanchfield and Audrey Wang Gosselin. Anno Scholten Anto Budiardjo William Behn GINA ELLIOTT James Lee Ken Sinclair Marc Petock Roger Woodward Steve Fey Scott K. Hoffmann, MBA Tracy Markie Melissa Boutwell, LEED AP OM Rick Justis#c4sbC4SB – Coalition for Smarter Buildings#div2525#smarterstack#smartertogether