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CIT Group and Facilio unlock new digitization benchmarks at Al Jadidah in record three weeks time

CIT Group Ltd, a leading facility management service provider headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi, has chosen Facilio’s Connected CaFM software platform to digitally transform the facilities at Al Jadidah site. The company successfully digitised end-to-end O&M processes, achieved QHSE audit and compliance readiness in a record three weeks time, making this the fastest and most seamless Computer-aided Facility Management (CaFM) deployment in the region till date.

Monitored by the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU), the Al Jadidah site is a cultural hub and home to restaurants, shops, art exhibitions and many entertainment options. CIT Group Ltd, which manages the site’s operations & facilities, envisioned a more streamlined and platform-centric approach to O&M. 

Speaking on the occasion, Naser Gulaid, Executive Chairman at CIT Group Ltd said, “Our primary objective for the Al Jadidah project was to enhance the visitor experience and ensure smooth operations without disrupting tenants’ businesses. Typically, CaFM deployments of this scale take months due to evolving requirements and the lack of adaptable tools to support dynamic operations.

We chose Facilio for its exceptional flexibility, user-friendliness, and seamless integration with third-party systems. Facilio’s platform offered us a simplified approach to digitizing end-to-end operations, consolidating data from diverse sources, and providing centralized operational visibility all in one place. It effortlessly handles KPI reporting and audit-readiness, which was tedious with legacy systems. We’re pleased with the results of the implementation and are in the process of rolling out Facilio’s platform in five other sites as well.”

Facilio’s CEO, Prabhu Ramachandran, said, “Real estate in Saudi Arabia is experiencing a significant boom driven by massive infrastructure & cultural projects. There is a critical need for real estate operators & FM service providers in the Kingdom to upend their current operations & maintenance tech stack and embrace cloud-based solutions to accelerate the business potential of the region and deliver best-in-class experiences. The answer to this is a unified platform approach to operations that meaningfully connects systems, people, and processes. We are happy to see CIT Group Ltd leading the way in Saudi and front-ending the transition to a Connected CaFM approach.”

Together, CIT Group Ltd. and Facilio have demonstrated the power of innovation and collaboration, revolutionizing facility management and setting new industry standards.