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Our Editors and Sponsors at Realcomm/IBcon

Jacob Fenley Area Market Leader – Cochrane Supply & Engineering

🚀 Just had an amazing speaking session at the #RealcommEvents #IBcon conference! 🎙️✨ It was an incredible opportunity to share my passion for bringing generative AI into the Building Automation Industry.

Best Tech Innovation: Intelligent Buildings Award at @REALCOMM/IBCON

Phil Zito and Julian Palacios from the Smart Buildings Academy were recent guests on #RealcommLive. Julian weighs in on the impact the lack of trained operators/professionals is having on the smart buildings industry. Thanks, Tom Shircliff, for filling in as guest host for this episode!

The Evolving Role of Today’s Smart Building Systems Integrator

When designing and delivering a truly smart building, all roads lead to the master systems integrator, who takes the owner/developer’s vision and aligns the people and technologies for all systems and processes to achieve the desired outcomes. As smarter building technologies are emerging at accelerated rates and integrations become increasingly complex, an in-depth knowledge of building systems as well as client business requirements are needed to meet the needs of today’s open architected, interoperable, integrated, IP-centric intelligent buildings, portfolios, campuses and cities. Today, Realcomm Live welcomes our 2023 Smart Building Integrator Summit (SBIS) co-chairs Scott Cochrane, Cochrane Supply, Donny Walker, Newcomb & Boyd and Craig Stevenson, AUROS Group. They’ll discuss the important role of the systems integrator in the smart building conversation and the impact of new building standards and regulations.

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