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Lenny Joseph – Contributing Editor

After I commented on a post on cloud-native systems revolutionizing the building industry, Ken reached out to me, which led to a series of discussions culminating on me joining Automated Buildings as a Contributing Editor. I’m humbled and grateful to join this elite group of industry experts evangelizing the industry, while forging the future of the ecosystem.

In the dynamic landscape of global development and the pressing need for sustainable solutions, proactive forward-thinking leadership is essential. With deep insights into the interconnectedness of global markets and exponential technological change, I consistently challenge my peers and myself to think “inside the box”, while everyone else is thinking “outside the box”, to reinventing ourselves to address our challenges with simple solutions. Simply said, taking a clean sheet approach to solve a problem, taking into account how we solved it in the past and incorporating current technological advancements, as opposed to continuingly adding on to the current state.

I’m eager to dive into this forward-thinking environment, offering insights on how we, as a global community, can drive meaningful change. For me, it’s vital to integrate innovative technological solutions within sustainable contexts, emphasizing on the importance of education, collaboration, universal access to resources, and inclusion, all while challenging the status quo to create a better world.

Professional Information

I am an Executive and entrepreneur with over 25 years’ experience in the industry. With a deep-rooted global perspective, I’ve driven sales, championed operational excellence, and realized both revenue and profitable growth across various sectors. My career spans construction, product innovation, manufacturing, import/export, training, and research in a myriad of countries and cultures. Every endeavor I’ve taken up has been marked by success, underscored by my ability for fostering robust, enduring relationships both internally and in strategic business alliances. I’m currently pursuing disruptive transformations in power distribution, energy management, and channel & delivery models in the smart building technology arena. As a result, I’m currently involved in 3 different companies within the industry:

Founder of Greenole, a cloud native serverless building operating system, that provides a single pane of glass for traditional building systems and IoT devices, serving up key insights and value to customers.

Founder of KLPD Global, a smart building master system integrator, that provides controls and power management solutions, as well as hardware and software engineering services for system integrators globally.

Chief Strategy and Commercialization officer for Bidtracer, that provides an all-in-one sales and operations tool, comprising configure price quote (CPQ), customer relationship management (CRM), Engineering and Project Management (PM) modules.

About Myself

At the core of who I am today lies the rich tapestry of experiences garnered from living and working across five continents. From humble beginnings in sub third-world conditions, traversing emerging markets, and finally to well-developed nations, I’ve seen and experienced firsthand the spectrum of human living conditions. An indelible memory of my childhood is attending a school where most students could not afford shoes, and not having electricity in our home until I got to high school. This rooted in me an unshakeable understanding of, and empathy for the daily struggles of poverty. My entrepreneurial spirit was ignited early, as I owned a bean farm at sixteen while simultaneously juggling numerous hustles to support my university education. These foundational experiences have engrained in me the criticality of education, the value of perseverance, the importance of humility, and the strength found in relationships – that can only be found in humans in every walk of life.

Education, environmental symbiosis, clean water access, and global healthcare are issues close to my heart. With our world on the cusp of significant technological advances, I am fervently passionate about ushering in a transformative shift in these sectors. The mission? To collaboratively involve NGOs, Businesses, Governments, local communities, and educators to architect a tomorrow where opportunities are equitable and accessible to the billion souls currently left in the dark.

Label me a “nerd”, and I wear it with pride! My curiosities are broad, ranging from discussions on futuristic technologies, IoT, to the zeitgeist topics trending on social media. My energy is derived from turning impossibilities into tangible realities. This is achieved by fostering diverse teams and cultivating an inclusive, innovative ecosystem wherein everyone can tap into their unique potential. My mantra is challenging the norm, wielding technology as a tool, and simplifying complexities to offer intuitive, adaptive solutions in an ever-evolving business and human landscape.