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SBA Workforce Development 2.0 – More Effective, Faster ROI

In 2022 Smart Buildings Academy launched a new and innovative workforce development program aimed at creating new talent in this industry at speed. We’ve delivered four cohorts of students from industry outsiders to capable installation and start-up technicians within 12 weeks. These students achieved 80%+ billable hours out of the program and their employers have seen 8x return on investment. We are excited to announce a wave of improvements to an already incredibly successful program that will increase student time in the field and yield even higher returns on hiring investments!

Summary of Improvements

  • Accelerated and more flexible schedule
  • More instructor support
  • Increased hands-on learning and field activities
  • Reduced burden on employers and mentors
  • Upgraded content
  • Complementary skill development
  • Optional custom ROI analytics

Accelerated and more flexible schedule

The new format gets employees out in the field, doing the real work, in just three weeks. By the fourth week, they should be targeting 80% billable hours in the field, facilitating a greater return on investment for the employer. They are still in training for the remaining 8 weeks, but only have set class time one day a week.

More Instructor support

Our team of on staff, SBA employed, instructors are more available than ever to support students’ and employers’ needs. They are providing live office hours three days per week as well as scheduling 1-on-1 sessions, as needed, to help your employee develop at the pace of your business

Increased hands-on learning and field activities

In addition to adding more field time into the program, we have added more defined on-the-job training (OJT) activities. Each activity building on the previous and current lessons, quickly transforming your employee from a non-billable novice to a proficient, fully utilized member of your team.

Reduced burden on employers and mentors

Smart Buildings Academy has turned “creating BAS talent” into a proven efficient process. Use our program, follow directions, and watch your employees and teams grow and thrive in their markets. We cut out administrative tasks and the burdensome mentorship of other programs. They are replaced with process, more learning content, more support, and ultimately more impactful bottom line results for your teams and businesses.

Upgraded content

We have added more videos, enhanced chapter markers, add more knowledge checks, created guided notes and improved the student handbooks all in an effort to make the learning process more seamless and efficient. This also includes adding OEM specific content for those engaged with SBA who are committed to helping their channels add net new talent in the field!

Complementary skill development

We offer optional focus sessions for students in this program. Those sessions cover cybersecurity and energy efficiency. These optional sessions are intended to broaden the employee’s skillset beyond the core program and enhance the level of contribution they can make in your business upon completion of the program.

Optional custom built ROI analytics

Knowing the return on investment (ROI) can improve your organizations adoption and management of training resources. A well defined ROI metric can justify increased investment in training. Smart Buildings Academy has the capability to design, build, and implement the analytical infrastructure to deliver these elusive yet important ROI metrics. If you want to know how much of an impact trained employees have on your bottom line, reach out and we will help you!