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New Platinum Sponsor “SES Consulting” Plus our new contributing editor “Stephanie Poole”

Help me Welcome Stephanie Poole, PEng, PMP Senior Decarbonization Engineer and Project Manager

Stephanie is a Senior Decarbonization Engineer with SES Consulting. She has a wide range of project experience, including energy efficiency and decarbonization studies, implementations, commissioning, project management and strategic planning support. She also teaches decarbonization courses through the Canadian Institute for Energy Efficiency (CIET) and Nexus Labs.

SES Consulting Inc.

SES Consulting is our newest Platinum Sponsor

SES’ mission is to fight global warming and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We work with our clients to bring a mix of vision and practicality that helps them save energy and improve comfort.

Modern buildings are more than bricks and mortar; they are complex systems that need to respond to changing conditions. We help your building perform its best with advanced controls, emerging lighting and HVAC technologies, and innovative strategies to engage operators and users.

Brad White the President of SES has been a contributing editor since 2009 and a veteran of many AHRExpo Free Education Sessions. Our history is profound.

Brad is the President of SES Consulting and a Professional Engineer with over 15 years of experience in energy efficiency, low-carbon technologies, and smarter building systems. He has demonstrated his passion for the sustainable use of energy throughout his professional career, which continues to be a driving force in his work. Brad works closely with clients to integrate leading-edge technologies and energy conservation strategies into existing buildings, including fault detection and analytics, electrification of heating systems, and advanced controls. Brad is a Contributing Editor to and a member of the City of Vancouver’s Technical Advisory Committee on Existing Multi-Unit Residential and Commercial Buildings.