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AHREXPO 2024 | The Evolution and Implementation of AI in the BAS industry

Session Information: Tuesday, January 23, 2024 | 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM | Room S401BC

Session Overview

Embracing AI tools will be critical for our survival in BAS. In this session, we will discuss how we need to retrofit our existing business models to use the power of AI now. Our panel of experts will go beyond theory to share the day-to-day applications of their AI tools in supporting everything from commercial to plant operations. They will provide real-world examples, demonstrating how AI can revolutionize processes, enhance efficiency, and ensure the continued success of your operations in the ever-evolving building automation landscape.

Tracy Markie, CEO/Founder, Engenuity Systems, Inc

As CEO & Founder of Engenuity Systems Inc., Tracy drives one of the leading suppliers of advanced networked control and IoT products and the platforms and solutions to manage and monitor them. Engenuity has been developing and supplying off-the-shelf and custom products since 1994 and continues to work at the leading edge of controls and IoT technologies.

Troy Harvey, CEO/Founder, PassiveLogic

Troy Harvey is the CEO, co-founder, and chief product architect of PassiveLogic, creator of the world’s first fully autonomous platform for buildings. As a technical CEO, Troy has been the driving force behind the vision of the PassiveLogic platform since its inception, guiding the design direction of each piece of the ecosystem to operate seamlessly.

Keith Gipson, CEO/Founder,

Keith Gipson has been a pioneer in the Buildings IoT, Enterprise Energy Management (EEM) industries, and technology for over twenty-five years. iuses machine teaching, cloud-based computing to proactively instruct building systems on how to operate more efficiently. collects and continually analyzes data points in real time, leading to informed predictions and actionable insights for operational efficiency.

Jacob Fenley, Area Market Leader, Cochrane Supply

Jacob Fenley brings technical expertise in smart building automation and controls, along with a passion of developing AI solutions for the BAS Industry. He’s managed multiple building automation pilot projects, including the installation and commissioning of the building automation system for the new World Headquarters of a major Banking and Investment Firm located in Carmel, IN.