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Lynxspring and enxchange Advance Energy Intelligence with New Technology Collaboration and Partnership

Lynxspring, a premier developer and provider of open software and hardware platforms, solutions, and services for smarter buildings, equipment control, and device-to-enterprise integration, and enxchange (enx), an energy optimizer and energy intelligence company helping utilities and organizations capture and harness the opportunities within sustainable energy, ESG, and advanced analytics are pleased to announce a new partnership and collaboration effort.

The partnership paves the way for the companies to offer a one-of-a kind solution that couples Lynxspring’s JENEsys Edge IP Niagara Framework controller and technology with enxchange’s advanced energy analytics’ platform that modulates and monetizes energy on both sides of the meter, within the built environment.

With technology playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of the built environment, building owners, operators and utilities recognize that they need to ensure facilities operate energy efficiently and in a sustainable manner. The Lynxspring-enxchange partnership brings together deep skills, domain knowledge and technology development and deployment to deliver this.

As leaders in their respective fields, the two companies will capitalize on their extensive expertise in the interconnection and interoperability of disparate systems, building management, multi-system data aggregation, digital twins, and advanced energy management to make it easier for customers to better optimize their energy use, enable enhanced visibility and greater insights, achieve decarbonization and sustainability commitments, unlock cost savings, and help achieve new value and outcome levels.

The Lynxspring-enxchange partnership is a powerful combination delivering value by connecting and integrating the physical energy producing assets within commercial buildings as a convergent architecture and orchestrating these assets to be managed as a dynamic energy environment of multidirectional networks that support two-way energy flows. This provides the dynamic visibility, optimization, analytics, and insights necessary to maximize the value of the systems and the building’s performance.

“We are delighted to partner with enxchange.” “With energy costs rising exponentially and environmental concerns more pressing than ever, it’s critical to ensure that the built environment operates efficiently, “said Marc Petock, Vice President, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Lynxspring. “A power consumption, control and monitoring platform allow you to identify energy saving opportunities that reduce your carbon footprint and your costs.”

“The enxei360 energy platform modulates and monetizes energy on both sides of the meter and does so in any type of environment”. David Swank, enxchange’s Chief Executive Officer, commented “We are excited to collaborate with Lynxspring.”” Our relationship stands on the foundation of complementary technologies that deliver an upscaled layer of energy optimization and efficiency and allows us to provide the very best solutions that are delivering the next generation of transformative energy enterprise and digital products, analytics and platforms.”