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The 25-Year History of

Monday, Jan. 22, 2024 | 11:00 AM – 12:45 PM | Room S401BC

Discover the new world of as we celebrate 25 years of bringing the latest news and trends shaping building automation at AHREXPO 2024 Chicago | Building Intelligence: Embracing Collaboration to Thrive in an AI and Cloud-Driven Future

In November AutomatedBuildings’ own Ken Sinclair was a guest on the ControlTalk Now podcast with Eric Stromquist. Ken shared exciting news about what he and the editorial board will bring to this year’s AHRExpo as we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of

25 Years In The Making:

Check out this video as we share our experience creating the first ever online DDC spec in the mid-1990s. I talk about how it all started with how the website took on a life of its own over the next 20 years. Join me as I take you through the blur of what you missed in the first two decades of

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From Y2K to 2022 Click on 3D for a flyover – a blur of our past 22 years


The medium is the message these presentations with linkage to our content have been maintained for over 10 years as a purchased cloud service, proving the permanence of the cloud. has been maintained on the same web-hosting platform for over 25 years, , web-hosting and domain-registration specialists since 1995.

Online Chapters of our Digital Transformations LinkedIn Post

The last several years cataloged on Pinterest

Our last time in Chicago

Metamorphosing Me Younger mentors give me wings, keeping me connected to our rapidly digitally transforming lives with their connections to yet younger metamorphic mentors.

“reverse mentors” — a concept that has recently become more formalized as the benefits of learning from a younger generation. I just returned from an enjoyable and informative event, AHR Expo 2018 Chicago, the largest ever with over 72,000 folks. What did I learn from those younger than me?…… lots. These are today’s makers and shakers, metamorphic mentors, who are driving the metamorphosis of me and the digital transformation that I have been ranting on about, giving it a Brain. Face, Body, and Voice in the last few columns.

Online Chapters of our Digital Transformations are listed below

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The ongoing online creation of our industries’ book of transformation with now more than 60 chapters of our stories peppered with HTML links to articles containing an amazing and diverse amount of information