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BMS/BAS Annual maintenance fee proposal for sale

The annual Building Management System (BMS) maintenance fee proposal is the first step in transitioning a service department from a typically preventative maintenance strategy into a modern maintenance strategy. Buy your maintenance fee proposal template now and start differentiating your business today.

A Periodic Preventative maintenance (PPM) contract provides almost zero value to building owners and does not generate additional revenue for Building Automation System (BAS) companies, other than replacing faulty equipment.

There is so much more that we can offer our clients and so much more revenue we can earn.

Issue your customer a fee proposal that includes more than just preventative maintenance.

  • Preventative maintenance module.
  • Enhancements module.
  • Tuning module.
  • Optimisation module.
  • Planning module.

Building owners have been paying me since 2017 to issue maintenance specifications that force BMS/BAS companies to modernise their maintenance strategy. Those specifications are obviously biased toward the building owner (my client) and not the BMS/BAS company.

I have now developed a BMS/BAS maintenance proposal that BMS companies can purchase. Rather than teach you how to do it, I have written it out for you (done-for-you product).

  • One-off fee, no subscription.
  • Editable Microsoft Word document.
  • Modify it and make it your own.
  • Start transitioning to a service model that will differentiate your business from your competitors (especially if you are a multi-vendor BMS company).
  • If your BMS is a proprietary system, then start providing what your customers want and stop pushing them towards multi-vendor companies.

Buy your BMS/BAS maintenance proposal from our online shop:

Bryce Anderson – Lifecycle Controls – Independent Building Automation Consultant