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AHREXPO 2024 | Smarter Summit ’24 Recap

Session Information: Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2024 | 12:00 PM – 12:45 PM | Room: S401BC

Session Overview

A panel from Monday Live! and C4SB will recap the Smarter Summit 24 held on the Sunday of the AHR Expo. The panel will discuss the implications of building systems moving to a cloud-native architecture and how the IBB (Interoperable Building Box) will help to deliver a smartphone-like way of managing your building’s apps (includes a demo showcasing how IBB Apps works).

Anto Budiardjo, CEO,!

As a creative entrepreneur, Anto has extensive experience working with product creation, customer development, product positioning, strategic marketing as well as technical functions, including product and software development.

For three decades, Anto has provided leadership in areas of the Internet of Things, especially around Facility-IT, the intersection of building automation systems (BAS), facility management (FM), and information technology (IT).

Jim Lee, CEO/Founder, Cimetrics Inc.

Jim Lee, CEO, is a prominent figure in the building automation and controls industry, and his leadership of the BACnet Manufacturers’ Association (now BACnet International) and aggressive promotion of the BACnet standard have helped make Cimetrics an influential company in the building automation business.

Rick Justis, V.P. Business Development, SHIFT Energy

SHIFT Energy was born from the increasing urgency to cut both the costs of energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from major buildings, places like hospitals, commercial real estate, college campuses, shopping centers, arenas, data centers and more. We recognized that cutting costs and cutting emissions couldn’t come at the expense of tenant comfort or require significant capital expenditures.

Tracy Markie, CEO/Founder, Engenuity Systems, Inc

As CEO & Founder of Engenuity Systems Inc., Tracy drives one of the leading suppliers of advanced networked control and IoT products and the platforms and solutions to manage and monitor them. Engenuity has been developing and supplying off-the-shelf and custom products since 1994 and continues to work at the leading edge of controls and IoT technologies.

Anno Scholten, Senior Director, CBRE Global Workplace Solutions (GWS) 

Anno has developed leading edge, smart grid energy products for the commercial building markets that have included Constellation New Energy where he helped lead the design of Constellation’s pioneering automated demand response system, VirtuWatt Energy Manager. Before Constellation, Anno was the CTO for Novus Edge, where he developed a first generation of automatic demand response technology and integrated energy technologies for large commercial buildings.

During the last decade Anno has been a major contributor and leader in a number of critical standards efforts that have transformed building automation systems including BACnet, LON, and OBIX. He is a widely recognized industry expert and sought after speaker at building automation and smart grid conferences and holds US Patents on Distributed-Architecture Building Controller, Automated Load Control and Dispatch System, System for Improved Energy Utilization of a Large Building or Facility.