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Cloud Native vs. Cloud Based Tech in Building Automation

An Overview of Cloud Tech in Building Automation

In the realm of building automation, there’s a swift shift towards cloud technologies, primarily dominated by two types: Cloud Native and Cloud Based. Although both operate on cloud platforms, they vary in design and functionality, significantly influencing the management of smart buildings. Cloud Native technology is an evolution of Cloud Based solutions; however, we still observe the use of Cloud Based systems, even with the advent of the more sophisticated Cloud Native alternative.

What is Cloud Based Technology?

Cloud Based technology involves adapting traditional, locally-run applications to the cloud. This shift allows remote access to systems and data. However, it doesn’t always fully utilize cloud capabilities. In building automation, this can limit data integration and the addition of new features.

Why Choose Cloud Native Technology?

Cloud Native solutions, built exclusively for the cloud, harness its full potential. They offer elasticity, scalability, and resilience. This is key in building automation for seamless system integration and efficient data management. Cloud Native technology also rapidly adapts to new developments.

Greenole’s Cloud Native Solution

Cloud Native technology excels with platforms like Greenole, focused on energy-efficient, smart building management. Greenole leverages real-time data, energy tools, and predictive analytics, made more effective by Cloud Native architecture. This synergy cuts costs, boosts sustainability, and improves tenant comfort, making Cloud Native a standout choice in building automation.

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