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Metamorphosing in the AI-Cloud Native Era

Why do I use the word metamorphosing? Because once you touch and embrace this new Era, you will be forever changed. It will transform you and become your new purpose and way. How do I know this for sure?

I started in the industry over 50 years ago in the Pneumatic Control Era with physical devices providing control with compressed air.

1975, I was swept into a new concept called Direct Digital Control using computers as big as refrigerators and complex software, which would eliminate those pneumatic devices. My purpose was to transfer pneumatic control logic into software control language. The start of the DDC Era

That DDC Era evolved into many sub-eras. The microprocessor DDC era made DDC cost-effective and the lowest-cost solution, re-defining my life and most of you reading this post.

I was morphed, forever changed, transformed. My DDC thoughts and way became my new purpose. In discussions with those still in the pneumatics industry, they were not convinced that the control language in a small electronic panel would replace their industry, but they were wrong, very wrong.

Here we are now in 2024, the AI-Cloud Native Era

Trust me on this: this Era will metamorphose you into a new way of thinking, and doing that in twenty years, DDC/BAS thinking will be looked at as history as we now look at pneumatics.

In your metamorphosis, you will start to talk funny and get excited about stuff today’s peers will not understand. Trust me on this. The impact and the original purpose of the DDC/BAS era are now morphed, presented and viewed through cloud-native Artificially driven applications.

AI has already begun reshaping the built environment, and its potential knows no bounds. As we embark on this journey, we must collaborate, share data, and push past our own inhibitions. The age of AI in the built environment is upon us, and together, we can unlock its full potential.

Eliminating hardware rapid movement cloud-native companies not in our space will quickly change the paradigm. Traditionals will try to slow the process, but the speed at which DDC/BAS replaced pneumatic will be significantly reduced from 10 + years to less than three as the AI-driven cloud-native data era will rapidly change all we do.

Cloud-native isn’t just a technology; it’s a philosophy, a way of doing things—one set to disrupt automation at a fundamental level. Cloud-native offers unmatched efficiency, scalability, and adaptability. However, widespread adoption will require a significant paradigm shift for the industry. We face many challenges and unknowns, like upgrading our systems and addressing cybersecurity issues. Join us as our expert panel explores the benefits and challenges of this transformative new way of doing everything.  

As pneumatics became the workhorse under the DDC/BAS era, the DDC/BAS era will remain the workhorse of the new AI-driving cloud-native era.

How can I learn more?

The theme, “Building Intelligence: Embracing Collaboration to Thrive in an AI and Cloud-Driven Future,” underscores the core philosophy behind AutomatedBuildings. Our mission is to unite industry thought leaders and serve as a central hub for the latest news and trends shaping the future of building automation.
This philosophy has driven our participation at AHR for the past 25 years; this year is no exception. We will cover many pivotal topics central to the Building Automation Systems (BAS) industry, from the latest staffing and recruitment trends attracting fresh talent to insights into cutting-edge technology tools streamlining day-to-day operations.

Many new players will come to the market faster and more because they do not need to create hardware. New standards will evolve, replacing or interfacing with existing ones.

This Session will provide insight into the Driving Forces of Change for Smarter Buildings

The breaking down of 4 major pneumatic control companies to 100 DDC/BAS companies took over ten years. This will break into 100,000 players creating apps and custom software. The Wack a Mole or a strategy to buy the companies to slow the change will not work. The switch to the AI-Cloud Native Era will be quick and agile and flow like water.

The Telco will rapidly enter the space, embracing the messy middle and significantly growing the industry. Watch this LinkedIn post from MondayLive

This converts to the opportunity to create new ways with many new players, even more significant than the changes created by the DDC/BAS era.

Embracing AI tools will be critical for our survival. In this session, we will discuss how we need to retrofit our existing business models to use the power of AI now. Our panel of experts will go beyond theory to share the day-to-day applications of their AI tools in supporting everything from commercial to plant operations. They will provide real-world examples, demonstrating how AI can revolutionize processes, enhance efficiency, and ensure the continued success of your operations in the ever-evolving building automation landscape.

This YouTube provides insight into the change upon us.

Your value will be greatly rewarded if you know our industry, but you must undergo a metamorphosis to play the game.

In the last 25 years, we have tracked several sub-eras.

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