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Apprenticeships and Mentoring in the Smart Building Industry.

Training, Apprenticeships, and Mentoring for the Smart Building Industry. Resources for sourcing new talent.
Apprenticeships in the HVAC industry

In 2024 there is a very diverse population of career seekers who use apprenticeships to break into this industry. Learn about 2 very successful industry-focused training resources bringing in excited and skilled workers.

Stacks+Joules connects youth with well-paying, meaningful jobs that elevate students towards certifications, degrees, and life-long advancement in the Building Automation field. Industry involvement is a key part. They provide students with site visits relevant to the curriculum and immediate internship placement upon graduation. They help companies who have a hard time finding qualified candidates for open building control specialists.

Here’s a clip from founder Mike Conway about the program.

Training Offers Step-By-Step Development with Strategic Career Roadmaps and has done the deep work to establish job codes, competencies, and occupational learning paths for critical infrastructure emerging technology roles.

Allison Lewis, Program Director,shares the value of apprenticeships

The full session

here’s the full session

Mike Conway, Founder & Executive Director, Stacks+Joules

Mike Conway is Founder and Executive Director of Stacks & Joules, a nonprofit project-based learning program in computer programming and wireless network management. The proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) technology means that coding is now a vital skill set across many industries, with our curriculum students gain mastery of rigorous technical skills and concepts vital to jobs in HVACR and building automation.

Allison Lewis, Apprenticeship Program Manager, ASP

Allison Lewis is a leader in the arena of skills-based workforce development. As ASP’s Program Director, she oversees the operations of employer-driven programs that help workers strengthen their skills using role-specific and high-demand career pathways. What she enjoys most about her job is helping employers, workers, and institutions re-imagine one of the world’s oldest worker development methods, apprenticeship, as a nimble solution to build advanced workers for emerging technology occupations.